Pictorial dictionary

           You want to travel and might need support in daily live?

"Pictorial dictionary" provides to you a dictionary of images
It contains image collections of different topics.
Just present the image you are looking for

Understand the world with images !

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Main Features

-Contains image collections of different topics
-Provides the corresponding word in english, spanish, german -New images for your own dictionary can be added
-New topics can be added

Sample Screens of App


About Screen ...



Overview of all toppics
All toppic names can be edited or deleted.
New toppics can be added.

toppics view


Image collection of specific topic..

topic food view
topic kitchen view


The view shows the detail of an individual image.
Further it states the corresponding word in english, spanish, german.
Image can be changed by a new image. Corresponding words can be changed.

detail view